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Scotty Gibbons lives with a passion to strengthen the Church and introduce the world to real life in Jesus Christ.

For the past twenty years he has served as a student ministries director, conference speaker, and a leadership coach. Scotty and his wife, Casey, are the proud parents of 5 beautiful girls.




A group of teenagers decided they couldn’t stand by and watch millions of people die each year from starvation, disease and genocide… and do nothing.

They couldn’t listen to the stories of young girls being exploited by the sex trade… and pretend it wasn’t happening. they had to do something. And they did. In a matter of weeks, the students of a youth ministry called “realife” gave more than $75,000 to help missionaries and relief workers respond to these heartbreaking needs.

Overflow is the extraordinary story of their effort to save lives and lead people to Jesus. The book also contains many of the principles and ideas that have helped the students of Realife give hundreds of thousands of dollars to missions. As you read Overflow, you too will be inspired and better equipped to make a difference in your world.


Carry On

In one entertaining and enlightening book, Scotty Gibbons unpacks 15 years in student ministry at one of Americas fastest growing Churches.

Whether you’re leading 10 students or 1,000, Carry-On is a must-have for successful student ministry. Scotty’s proven principles will encourage and equip you (and the leaders around you) to go the distance. you’ll find a wealth of information, including:

  • Mile-markers that helped Realife grow from 12-1,000
  • How to share your hear in a way that causes students to follow your vision
  • Principles for leading students to spiritual passion and a hunger for the things of God
  • How to from personally and as a spiritual leader
  • Balancing the demands of ministry and life at high-speed
  • Expanding your impact by developing a team of volunteers

First Things First

Spending time in prayer and bible study can be the one of the most beneficial, yet challenging things a teenager can do.

First Things First will help students establish the habit of starting each day by talking and listening to God. Each daily entry will provide biblical insight and practical application that will equip teens with God’s truth, and strengthen them in their faith.